Product Code: SD12244
This set aims to teach understanding, empathy and tolerance, helping children to find a way to play, share and learn together. Bun and Twig teach key skills including peer awareness, patience, acceptance, listening to others, equality and conflict resolution between children. Bun and Twig are based on the authors experience of parenting two daughters, one with Autism, and are about finding equality between different ways of thinking. The characters of Bun and Twig can be used as a platform to help siblings and peers find a way to play together on a level ground. Set includes 2x puppets (Bun and Twig), fabric treasure basket, 3x A5 books, A3 wipeable wall chart and teachers notes. Suitable for a home or school setting.
Teach peer awareness, empathy and tolerance
Find equality between different ways of thinking
Can be used one-to-one or in small gorups
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Pack Size 1

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