Product Code: TE10001
A cross-curricular STEM class kit for 30 pupils working in groups of 3 to design, build, test and evaluate four different computer controlled working models incorporating structures, mechanical and electrical systems.They will apply their understanding of computing to programming, monitor and control their products, which include a coloured spinner, LED traffic lights, chair-o-plane and a light which comes on in the dark. The Crumble controller is ideal for Key Stage 2 pupils. It is robust and easy to connect up, uses a simple drag and drop programming language and directly drives motors, lamps and LEDs. The controller unit is re-used for all four projects in order to keep costs to a minimum. Please DO NOT use alkaline batteries. Zinc batteries should be used with this kit to avoid short-circuiting the batteries.Perfect STEM activityFree support notes providedEnough material for 30 students working in groups of 3Maximise the potential of the Crumble Controller Suitable for 5 to 12 years

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