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Special Needs

Shop our range of Special Educational Needs (SEN) Teaching Resources & Equipment for Sensory Rooms and Safe Spaces

Welcome to a world of inclusive education and sensory exploration, specially crafted for school children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Our page is your hub for a comprehensive selection of industry-leading special needs resources and multi-sensory equipment to help you maximise the potential of children with additional and special educational needs.

Inclusive Learning: Embrace the power of sensory education that caters to a wide range of learning needs. Our resources are carefully chosen to engage, stimulate, and support children with SEN on their unique learning journeys.

Sensory Room Essentials: Explore a variety of sensory equipment, including tactile boards, bubble tubes, interactive projections, and more, to transform any space into an immersive sensory experience.

Educational Sensory Tools: Dive into our curated collection of educational sensory resources, such as books, apps, and specialized teaching aids, designed to enhance the learning experience for children with SEN.

Calming and Therapeutic: Create safe and calming environments with sensory tools that help children self-regulate, reduce anxiety, and improve focus.

Inclusive Education: Promote inclusivity in the classroom and beyond with teaching materials and equipment that facilitate collaboration, communication, and social interaction among children with diverse needs.

Customized Learning: Tailor your sensory spaces to the unique requirements of your students with SEN, ensuring that they have access to the tools they need for their best educational experience.

Safety First: Rest easy knowing that our products are designed with safety in mind, meeting all necessary standards for use in educational settings.

Empowering Every Child: Join us in creating an environment where every child, regardless of their learning needs, can thrive, learn, and grow through the enriching world of sensory education.

Let's journey together toward inclusive education, where sensory rooms and spaces become gateways to a brighter future for children with SEN. Explore our range of resources and equipment, and open doors to boundless learning opportunities."

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  1. Round Bubble Table
    Round Bubble Table
    £659.94 £549.95
    Incl VAT £791.93
  2. Bubble Column Bean Bag
    Bubble Column Bean Bag
    £464.99 £387.49
    Incl VAT £557.99
  3. Bubble Tube and Padded Seat Surround
    Bubble Tube and Padded Seat Surround
    £1,050.00 £875.00
    Incl VAT £1,260.00
  4. Infinity Bubble Wall
    Infinity Bubble Wall
    As low as £1,380.00 £1,150.00
  5. Infinity Bubble Wall H150cm
    Infinity Bubble Wall H150cm
    £1,590.00 £1,325.00
    Incl VAT £1,908.00
  6. Infinity Bubble Wall H120cm
    Infinity Bubble Wall H120cm
    £1,380.00 £1,150.00
    Incl VAT £1,656.00
  7. Mini Bubbler
    Mini Bubbler
    £2,394.00 £1,995.00
    Incl VAT £2,872.80
  8. Portable Bubble Tube Sensory Unit
    Portable Bubble Tube Sensory Unit
    £2,100.00 £1,750.00
    Incl VAT £2,520.00
  9. Fibre Optic Tails
    Fibre Optic Tails
    £239.99 £199.99
    Incl VAT £287.99
  10. Fibre Optic Light Source
    Fibre Optic Light Source
    £187.49 £156.24
    Incl VAT £224.99
  11. Padded Seat with Fibre Optics & Light Source Set
    Padded Seat with Fibre Optics & Light Source Set
    £750.00 £625.00
    Incl VAT £900.00
  12. The Dark Den
    The Dark Den
    £83.99 £69.99
    Incl VAT £100.79
  13. UV LED Torch
    UV LED Torch
    £19.49 £16.24
    Incl VAT £23.39
  14. Multi-Sensory Light Kit
    Multi-Sensory Light Kit
    £191.99 £159.99
    Incl VAT £230.39
  15. Sensory Light Kit
    Sensory Light Kit
    £112.49 £93.74
    Incl VAT £134.99
  16. Children's Ear Defenders Red Single
    Children's Ear Defenders Red Single
    £19.49 £16.24
    Incl VAT £23.39
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