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Trikes, Bikes & Scooters

Welcome to the Ultimate Playground: Trikes, Bikes, and Scooters for School Children!

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the world of wheels designed just for kids. Our page is your one-stop destination for everything trikes, bikes, and scooters, where the joy of riding meets the importance of safety, all tailored to the needs of school children.  Our vast choice of trikes, bikes & scooters will help support and inspire children in their outdoor play games & activities. Using their imaginations, children can pretend they are driving a bus with our taxi trikes, or having a race. This physical approach to learning will stimulate imaginations and encourage important development such as core strength, balance, and co-ordination. 

????‍♂️ Pedal Power: Explore an array of bicycles that cater to every age and skill level. From beginner balance bikes that help little ones find their footing to pedal bikes and trikes for we've got the perfect ride for every pupil.

???? Scooter Squad: Scoot in style and convenience with our selection of scooters. With three-wheel and wide base balance scooters, and wide wheels, our scooters are ideal for teaching young children balance and coordination when riding.

???? Trike Treasures: For the youngest riders, trikes provide stability and fun in equal measure. Dive into the world of trikes, with our classic trike, to our chariot and taxi trikes for group play. 

???? Outdoor Adventures Await: Encourage physical activity and outdoor exploration with the perfect ride. Our trikes, bikes, and scooters are designed to spark a sense of adventure and freedom in school children.

Whether your child is a budding cyclist, a scooter enthusiast, or a trike trailblazer, our page is your go-to resource for all things wheeled and wonderful. Join us on a journey where fun knows no limits, and school kids can experience the thrill of the ride in style and safety. Let the adventures begin!

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  1. Piggy Back Trike | Creative Activity
    Piggy Back Trike
    £121.91 £101.59
    Incl VAT £146.29
  2. Winther Trike - Medium | Creative Activity
    Winther Trike - Medium
    £289.55 £241.29
    Incl VAT £347.46
  3. Winther Trike - Large | Creative Activity
    Winther Trike - Large
    £304.79 £253.99
    Incl VAT £365.75
  4. Circleline Trike - Medium | Creative Activity
    Circleline Trike - Medium
    £205.73 £171.44
    Incl VAT £246.88
  5. Circleline Trike - Large | Creative Activity
    Circleline Trike - Large
    £228.59 £190.49
    Incl VAT £274.31
  6. Circleline Trike - Small  | Creative Activity
    Circleline Trike - Small
    £190.49 £158.74
    Incl VAT £228.59
  7. Plasma Car | Creative Activity
    Plasma Car
    £91.43 £76.19
    Incl VAT £109.72
  8. Large 2 Wheeler Bike - Set of 2 | Creative Activity
    Large 2 Wheeler Bike - Set of 2
    £518.12 £431.77
    Incl VAT £621.74
  9. Large 2 Wheeler Bike - Single | Creative Activity
    Large 2 Wheeler Bike - Single
    £274.31 £228.59
    Incl VAT £329.17
  10. 2 Wheeler Bike - Set of 2 | Creative Activity
    2 Wheeler Bike - Set of 2
    £472.40 £393.67
    Incl VAT £566.88
  11. 2 Wheeler Bike - Single | Creative Activity
    2 Wheeler Bike - Single
    £243.83 £203.19
    Incl VAT £292.60
  12. Circle Line Bike | Creative Activity
    Circle Line Bike
    £205.73 £171.44
    Incl VAT £246.88
  13. Taxi Trike | Creative Activity
    Taxi Trike
    £475.49 £396.24
    Incl VAT £570.59
  14. Trike & Sidecar | Creative Activity
    Trike & Sidecar
    £502.49 £418.74
    Incl VAT £602.99
  15. Chariot Trike | Creative Activity
    Chariot Trike
    £418.49 £348.74
    Incl VAT £502.19
  16. Mini Runner Chariot | Creative Activity
    Mini Runner Chariot
    £427.49 £356.24
    Incl VAT £512.99
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